New hardwood Outlet in Europe

Hardydeck has been active in the European hardwood market since 2006. Hardydeck is a sawmill located in Bolivia with its own concessions. Thru our own concessions it is easy to demonstrate the legality of all hardwoods. Other suppliers do not have a direct line, which means that all kinds of different batches of wood blend together. This way, it is also impossible to check exactly where that plank comes from.

Delivery by an external warehouse

Due to internet technology and the rise of all ecommerce the role that play importers are in fact increasingly redundant. High-capital exporters can also enter the market with a webshop and various platforms such as and sell their hardwood (more expensive) directly to the end consumer without the interference of any middleman. Storage takes place in a fulfillment warehouse, where all products from China, etc., are also located. Web shops can use their own warehouse or hire an independent warehouse for this. This applies to all products, including wood. Specialized companies take care of unloading the container, storage and delivery; This is done using per full container loads but also single pallets. Hardydeck therefore supplies standard pallets to the end customer.

Hardydeck ipe decking in bolivia
ipe wood

Direct supply – Lower price

As mentioned before, the legality of the wood is guaranteed; this is through having direct contact with the end customer. Direct sales have the additional advantage that there are no intermediaries that cost extra margin. The result is that the profit can be divided between the supplier (Hardydeck) and the end customer, so that the final price is lower.

Direct supply – higher quality

In order to compete with the various suppliers of hardwood on the European market, the most important thing is price. Price is always related to quality, so if the competition is very fierce, there is no other way that quality has to be sacrificed. Because Hardydeck is a sawmill itself, with all the end customer information, Hardydeck can respond quickly to changes in the market. Financial resources do not end up in useless stock; but are used for useful products that best meet the customer’s requirements. The direct line gives Hardydeck a better view of the customer, has less useless stock and can therefore offer better quality for less money. Moreover, defective planks and posts can be used in Bolivia’s internal market for local applications

Conclusion: Hardydeck is the first real Outlet of a sawmill from Bolivia for ipe hardwood decking and tigerwood / muiracatiara decking planks

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