NHBC Now Covers Timco Wood Composite Decking

The terms of the NHBC’s warranty now covers Timco Wood’s Composite Decking. This insures you are fully covered for your peace of mind.


The NHBC holds the ideal warranty solution for:


– Builders, Developers and Self Builders

– Affordable Housing Providers

– New Build Developments

– Homeowners & Shared Homeowners


What Is The NHBC?

NHBC (National House-Building Council) is the leading warranty and insurance provider and standards setter for UK house-building for new and newly converted homes. As a non-profit distributing company, it reinvests all income in achieving its primary purpose; improving quality in house building to protect homeowners.


Why Is Timco Wood Decking Covered By The Terms of The NHBC Warranty?

Due to the high quality of manufacture, consistent quality of finish, and a high level of certifications and accreditations, along with a comprehensive installation manual, our Composite Decking ticks all the boxes!


What Does NHBC Cover On Timco Wood Composite Decking Mean To Me?

If you are buying or have recently purchased a new home, the chances are that it will have a 10 year warranty and insurance cover from NHBC.

Our FSC certified Composite Decking sits with ‘the Code for Sustainable Homes’ ensuring that you benefit from safe innovation and proven technologies when meeting requirements.

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