Owatrol Products Maintain the Royal Yacht Britannia

For some time now Owatrol wood care solutions have been used to maintain the timber on the Royal Yacht Britannia.  I realise that this is not decking related as such, but offers further insight as to the quality and applications for using Owatrol oils to protect and preserve timber.

The key products being used for the yacht are Deks Olje D1 & D2 along with Net-trol Wood Cleaner & Colour Restorer.  D1 is used heavily in marine applications as it is suitable both above and below the waterline due to its excellent, inherent water repellent qualities.


D1 is used each year to maintain the Teak decks on the yacht whilst on wood such as the railings (seen here) they are treated with both D1 & D2 with the latter providing the high gloss finish.

The beauty of Deks Olje D2 is that it is an oil and not a varnish which means that it expands and contracts with the wood without splitting.  The maintenance is a simple ‘patch repair’ process so again adding to the inherent benefits of the products.

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