Professional Decking Installer in Stourbridge

Professional Decking Installer in Stourbridge

Landscapia are a professional decking design and build company based in Stourbridge… They are rather good… They have a sharp eye, understand decking and how to create a beautiful terrace.

Landscapia said “We worked for this particular client a couple of years ago and they were so impressed they asked us to come back and replace their existing timber decking by their house. After looking at decking samples they immediately fell in love with the Brushed Basalt from Millboard Flooring.” You can understand why after seeing these photos.

Professional Decking Installer in Stourbridge

How to choose a decking installer in Stourbridge

Most decking manufacturers have installer schemes. To become a professional decking installer on these schemes you often have to take part in training days on an annual basis. Your work may also be vetted by the manufacturer and in for some companies more is expected. By doing this, manufacturers are able to offer warranties on installations they are assured have been carried out properly.

In this case Landscapia are approved Millboard Professional Decking Installer in Stourbridge. This contemporary deck, see images below, has a lifetime warranty of 25 years backed by Millboard. You can’t get better than that…

Professional Decking Installer in Stourbridge

A word from the Boss

Marc said “We completed the look by installing a frameless glass balustrade system from Seagull Balustrades and extended the wall down to the bottom garden so both sections connected seamlessly.”

On this project, I really like the use of the Millboard bullnose board on the steps. It adds a well thought detail that some seem not to bother with. Of course, its details like this that make this project stand out from others. It also works nicely with the balustrade considering there is a smaller overhang; the finishing detail is everything…

This is a stunning design and installation, thank you Landscapia for sharing and keep up the hard work! Remember to tag and share and spread the professional word…

Credits and Further Information

Location                                  Stourbridge

Design and Installation       Landscapia

Materials                                Millboard Brushed Basalt

Balustrade                              Seagull Balustrades

Completed                              2020

Client                                       Private

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