Professional Composite Decking Installer in Lancashire

Composite Decking Installer Lancashire

Its often said that garden spaces can be hard to navigate. In this instance, the house is set much higher than the rest of the garden. Like everyone else with a tricky slope, the clients wanted to make the most of their outdoor space.

The clients looked to Peter Cowel Landscapes to design a garden to solve the issues and create a usable space.

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Peter Cowel designs beautiful gardens

Peter put together a brilliant design featuring a large raised terrace in order to enjoy the views. Specifying a professionally installed Millboard product, meant this terrace would also have a 25-year warranty. Leon Atkins took on the construction of this project. There are certainly some challenging areas; Raised 3 metres off the ground in places this decking terrace needed careful consideration.

Leon Atkins knows how to build a decking terrace

It should be obvious with the terrace so high, it would definitely need balustrade to conform to standard building regulations. Part K is the chapter in question and pertains to the balustrade in current building regulations. Leon and his team also installed 21.5mm thickness laminated glass with Spigots Tilt Lock Stainless steel fixings. This will easily withstand horizontal uniformly distributed load force of .74kN. This balustrade is not only modern it is safe. Using glass balustrade also makes for an uninterrupted view of the hills.

Raised decking platforms are certainly not for the DIY-er! There are many regulations you have to adhere to, indemnified and warrantied.

raised millboard decking lancashire

What is a Line Load?

This a horizontal force at the upper most section of the balustrade; Intended represent the force of a person applying pressure to the top of the balustrade. Its expressed in kN/m and loading requirements are stated in EN 1991-1-1.

What is Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL)?

A horizontal force applied uniformly to the midsection of the balustrade. You apply this across the entire upright face of the balustrade and measure it in kN/m2 and found in detail in EN 1991-1-4.

What is Concentrated Load?

The horizontal load designed to take a sudden or accidental impact applied to the balustrade. Loading requirements are given in EN 1991-1-1 and measured in kN.

Choosing a composite decking material

The sensible choice for a composite deck material is Millboard golden oak. It is certainly one of the more natural timber looking products Millboard have to offer. Because of this using American Southern Yellow Pine for the substructure they used the same materials to create a staircase; this gets you from the terrace to the bottom of the garden. Using 2 different widths on the stair balustrade also gives a brilliant little extra detail. Another detail to note is the use of Millboard bullnose board around the entire decking and on every step. This completes the terrace as a finishing detail, a professional finish at that.

Credits and Further information

Location – Oldham Lancashire

Professional Installer – Leon Atkins

Garden and Deck design – by Peter Cowel Landscapes

Materials – 109 m2 Golden Oak Composite Decking

Balustrade – Glass and Spigots

Completed – 2020

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