Reclaimed Scaffold Board Decking Treated with SIOO:X

The ultimate outdoor cooking experience

 This project began when the clients decided they wanted to make their back garden into an African-themed outdoor dining zone for all-year-round entertaining. They fell in love with Cashmere Caveman Wild Kitchen BBQ Tent and needed a suitable deck for their new outdoor kitchen to sit on.

Reclaimed Scaffold Board Decking Treated with SIOO:X 

What is SIOO:X?

SIOO:X is a fantastic product for protecting timber decking but that’s not its only purpose. This treatment also speeds up the rate the decking will weather to a silver-grey. The treatment is a simple case of applying 3 coats to the decking (2 coats of Wood Protector + 1 coat of Surface Protector) and then just adding water. Water is the activating factor in the weathering reaction.

SIOO:X treatment can also be used on a range of timber elements including decking, cladding, and structural frames. It’s also made from naturally occurring elements making it environmentally friendly.

How to Use Reclaimed Scaffold Boards for Decking

Karl needed to find a timber deck that’d give a lived-in and distressed finish. He found the perfect finish by taking scaffold boards anywhere from 5-15 years old. The metal nail plates on either end of the boards are removed. Then the boards go through a thicknesser planer which makes them all 32mm thick. From here they go through a denibbing machine which essentially heavily brushes the boards. This helps clean up the boards and remove any imperfections. Brushing the boards also helps bring out that lived-in texture they needed.

Now that the decking installation is finished the BBQ tent can be installed. Once it’s ready we will go back to get some updated photos to show you.

Credits and Further Information

Location – Buckinghamshire

Completed – 2022

Cashmere Caveman – Wild Kitchens

Client – Private

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