Swimming Pool Millboard Decking Installation in Kingston

Swimming Pool Millboard Decking Installation in Kingston

In this garden, the clients already had a swimming pool surrounded with timber decking. Over time the decking had started to go rotten and needed a professional’s attention. The clients got in touch with London Decking and booked a site survey. Upon initial site inspection, London Decking confirmed the old decking could be removed and replaced with a suitable alternative. London Decking also suggested redesigning the shape of the pool to allow for easier access and increased floor space.

With a selection of decking samples to choose from the clients decided on using the Millboard enhanced grain smoked oak. They chose Millboard because it’s soft underfoot and non-slip. They also liked how the colour would complement the rest of the garden.

millboard enhanced grain smoked oak swimming pool

Because the decking housed all the electric cables and pipes that came with the pool, the project wasn’t as simple as removing and replacing the old deck with a new deck. This would require careful management which wasn’t an issue for London Decking.

The previous deck had been installed onto timber joists which were showing signs of rot. London Decking opted to remove the old substructure and replace it with HDPE composite joists. These are made from recycled plastic and will never rot. The Millboard decking also has a 25-year lifetime warranty.

London Decking also created some western red cedar privacy screens. These set a beautiful natural backdrop for the dining and sunbathing area on the terrace. Paired with the contemporary grey decking really helps make the surrounding plants pop.

composite decking swimming pool terrace london

Client Feedback

“London Decking had a challenging task removing a large amount of old decaying wooden decking from around a swimming pool and replacing it with Millboard composite. All the work was carried out meticulously, and to a high standard, in particular overcoming the difficulties presented by the pool having a semi-circular end. We are delighted with the results.”

Credits and Further information

Design and installation – London Decking

Photography – Theo Tzia

Project Location – Kingston

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