TDA Timber Decking Alert

TDA – Timber Decking Alerts

These statements are directed at individuals about to embark on constructing a deck to highlight the latest decking news, information, ideas, products, warning and industry updates.

TDA – Timber Decking Alert 15.

Did you know that not all species of hardwood are suitable for timber decking in the UK. Most countries have different climates and timbers suitable for them may be completely different to those you should be using in the UK. Do you know?

TDA – Timber Decking Alert 14.

Did you know that the Spans of HDPE (plastic) Joists and Beams are completely different to timber. Make sure you ask your supplier the correct spans.

TDA – Timber Decking Alert 13.

Did you know that The EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) comes into force March 2013. Failure to act NOW could see traders facing a criminal charge …click here to read more

Are you ready?

TDA – Timber Decking Alert 12.

Did you know that it is sometimes best to walk away from a project when the contractor/client cuts your budget to the barebones, it only takes a small margin of error for you to lose a fortune… Walk away…

For more information join our network and ask us why…

TDA – Timber Decking Alert 11.

As a decking installer, joining TRADA is essential, contact [email protected] for more details.

Or check out TRADA website here…

TDA – Timber Decking Alert 10.

Did you know that you don’t physically receive a certificate for FSC or PEFC certified timber – you get a (CoC) Chain of custody number upon request.

If in doubt join our network and ask us why…

TDA – Timber Decking Alert 9.

If your client asks for long lengths of timber decking only, remind them of the environment; what about the short lengths? Suggest making a pattern.

Ask your supplier…

TDA – Timber Decking Alert 8.

If it’s in the floor always use Class 4.

All timber posts supporting a deck structure that are in the ground should be treated to Class 4 preservative protection

Ask your supplier…

TDA – Timber Decking Alert 7.

There is no such thing as cheap TEAK Decking if it’s cheap its not Teak. Ask your supplier for the botanical species, it should be Tectona Grandis, anything else won’t look right or last anywhere near as long

Ask your supplier…

TDA – Timber Decking Alert 6.

There is no such thing as cheap Ipe decking, Ipe is one of the most durable and beautiful Hardwoods there is…if you want cheap ask for something else.

Contact your nearest supplier or contact us!

TDA – Timber Decking Alert 5.

Stainless Steel screws should always be used when constructing decking. They will never rust and stay structurally sound forever…

TDA – Timber Decking Alert 4.

Did you know that by creating a void under your deck you will reduce cupping of the deck boards, airflow is essential for a good deck construction?

So keep your decks off the ground!

TDA – Timber Decking Alert 3.

Did you know that you deck will support more weight and be much safer if you rebate the tops of the support posts and then bolt to the beams?

Just a little extra time will offer far more quality…

Make sure you ask your contractor.

TDA – Timber Decking Alert 2.

Did you know Siberian Larch is harder than Cedar, some Teak and

has a similar hardness to Iroko?

Siberian Larch is less than half the price…

Contact your local supplier for prices or click here

TDA – Timber Decking Alert 1.

Did you know your hardwood deck will outlast your pine substructure?

Have you considered using a hardwood substructure instead?

Contact your local supplier for prices or click here

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