The best decking designer in Swansea

The best decking designer in Swansea

Simon Thomas Deck design is a formidable talent based in Swansea. A champion of TREX and an expert deck designer and builder. He has recently won the Award for Innovation by Arbordeck® for the Gower Road project, another to add to his shelf of accolades.

Building a deck with Lighting in South Wales

A beautifully designed decking platform is one thing and gets transformed into something completely different when you add deck lighting.

The best decking designer in Swansea

Simon said “Choosing the right lighting for your outdoor living space needs consideration with regards to positioning and reflection, you may have trees or bushes or even a pond adding lighting in the right places makes all the difference.”

A well-lit Trex decking terrace will add so much more than value to your property. Think about opening your curtains on those dark winter evenings and allow that garden to be seen. It’s like wall art that changes though the seasons, without lighting it’s a dark closed space, add lights and it’s a beautiful canvas

Curved decking with curves

The vogue for the design of decking platform and for years this is something that the Americans seems to own… not any longer. Simon has been using curved decking in many of his projects and is doing a rather good job.

Imagine A Deck That Won’t Fade, Stain, Rot Or Split but will curve like a dream…

Curved decking is a level of quality that many Pro’s aspire too, it’s certainly not easy and a mile away from a DIYer… Curved decking is for the professional, it’s much more than a curve too. Imagine a curved detail running through a decking terrace; this means that every board that this detail runs through has to be carefully scribed in to it…   The usually means dozens of perfect cuts and hours of work. I must say that the curve and associated details are actually the end process… please consider the design, the planning and execution of the under structure that has to reflect this pattern perfectly… these curved decking projects do look amazing, but the devil is certainly in the detail with much of it going unseen.

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