The only solution globally to offer a complete deck over membrane system


There are a number of solutions in the market for installing a deck over a waterproof membrane and all vary in cost and effectiveness. It is very important to take the time to carry out some research before committing to a particular system, making sure you are choosing the best value for your money in the long term.

Membrane decks are the cause of around 65% of leaky building issues and can be a very high risk installation if the correct materials and solutions are not utilised from the start (figures from the Outdure Website)

It is very common to have a timber decking screwed in removable deck frames: you could say there is the advantage of the aesthetics of natural wood which can look very nice if the extensive maintenance time is put into looking after it, however here are some points you should consider if you were thinking of utilising timber. A timber decking is non compliant for this type of installation: decks constructed in panels are a theoretical concept, not a practical solution. Also there is the matter of the insufficient airflow; a standard 2-3mm gap between timber boards can close up to nothing when boards are wet, eliminating any opportunity for ventilation. It is also impossible to access underneath the boards once the costly and time consuming installation has been completed as the boards have to be permanently screwed to the frame, therefore you would need to damage the build to create access.

We are in a very unique position as we are the only UK suppliers of the Resortdeck and Ecodecking Composite Decking Boards together with the revolutionary Qwickbuild Sub-Frame System. As our composite boards do not require screws to fix to the qwickbuild frame they are not permanently fixed and can be easily lifted if inspection underneath was necessary, whilst still having peace of mind that your decking area is rigid, stable and completely safe. Also as the materials used to not absorb moisture they do not expand or increase in weight when wet, making sure there is always the correct amount of airflow necessary to keep your decking area healthy for a very long time. 

The above advantage points together with the savings you would experience with installation times being dramatically reduced, the low maintenance required and the very long life span of our products, make Elite Outdoor Living the only solution for decking over waterproof membrane that would provide you with peace of mind from the start.


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