The sharpest decking from Kebony… TOG Japanese knives

So we find ourselves in this blog taking a slice from the ordinary and creating something quite unique. Imagine if you will; a material so simple that has been used for decking for years, a modified timber product that has undergone a process almost unbelievable.

Kebonization, the process from which there are several raw timber products have been subjected to a process of soaking the timber in furfuryl alcohol, a plant derived waste product to give enhanced strength and durability to once kiln dried changes the structure of the cells. This change enhances the strength of the timber thus the structure of the timber will last far longer.

In this case a simple timber product, southern yellow pine, has been through this process and has been used to great success as a decking product…

The genius’s at Kebony™ have supplied a product, FSC Maple to TOG, the makers of exceptionally well made knives. The Maple is used for the handles, perfectly sculpted for the ergonomic daily use and laser etched with a beautiful pattern.

 I saw the marketing materials direct from Kebony and showed to my wife; imagine my surprise when I unwrapped a full set for Christmas…. Pauses for thought, yes the full set.

So the usual collection of the Yoshikin Global knives have now taken a back seat and the kitchen space has now been occupied with the Petty, Santoku and Gyuto from TOG.


I wonder what other amazing products we are going to see with Kebony ™


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