Timber supplier for Oak in Oxfordshire

Timber supplier for Oak in Oxfordshire

When choosing an oak timber supplier it is important to choose a local timber yard local. Chilworth Timber are based in Thame in Oxfordshire and have been supplying timber into the industry with 70 years experience.

Chilworth have an unrivalled choice of fresh timber. They offer one of the finest selections of hardwood timber in the UK. They also have their own sawmill and can provide a made-to-order service.

timber supplier in oxfordshire
timber supplier in oxfordshire

 How to choose the right timber

At Chilworth, they have timber specialist on hand to advise exactly what timber will fit your project best. Interior grades with perfectly balanced and low moisture content. Exterior grades for landscaping with suitable moisture content for this application too.

Good advice is essential, the customer gets the right timber first time. A good tip is to order 15% more than what you think, timber is organic and will have imperfections. This is perfectly acceptable, you can’t expect timber to be perfect as it isn’t. Perfect timber is of course available if that what you order… mind you, you’ll be paying for it.

custom made timber profiles Oxon
custom made timber profiles Oxon

Who does Chilworth supply their timber too

Carpenters in the main as well as Landscapers, Decking and Cladding companies. Home owners to the commercial main contractors. Small orders for a hand full of linear metres to the tens of thousands…

Supplying timber isn’t only about having the raw stock on the shelf, it’s about processing efficiently and getting it delivered. This is where this company stands out from the rest. Clear communication and a good delivery process is firmly in place with these guys…

Chilworth timber suppliers of decking and cladding
Chilworth timber suppliers of decking and cladding

Decking and Cladding supplier in Oxfordshire

You can’t beat a delivery of freshly milled timber, the smooth quality… the fresh smell. In lengths, just as you ordered and in the right quality. Chilworth do have standard profiles that they can turn around quicker than most. If you prefer a custom profile, they can do this too.


Timber supplier for Oak in Oxfordshire, Ipe, Iroko, Cedar, Siberian Larch… plus your normal everyday joisting and battens…

specialist oak timber supplier thame
specialist oak timber supplier Thame

Quality, Service, Dedication

Three simple words in most cases, but this is an important strap line is the very essence which this company operates. They have the quality, their service is very good and they are absolutely dedicated.

“Karl Harrison said “OK theres blowing smoke and then there is giving praise where it’s due. I was on a project with about 9000 linear metres of specialist Oak cladding. I ran short and needed about 100 linear to complete the project. It was a Sunday… I was up against it. I phoned them on Monday morning and started to beg when Paul said. Yes mate, we are here to help. We got your email and the guys came in early this morning, it’s getting delivered at 10 today. That’s the bit when my jaw hit the floor… these guys are good”

Be clever… be like Chilworth Timber

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