TimberShops – Great Way To Buy & Sell Decking Online



Timbershops is a new web site that provides the platform for both buyers and sellers of timber products, in particular decking and realted landscaping products. Launched in the last few weeks by Timber-on-Line.Com to run alongside TimberClick the site hosts numerous online timber shops, some standard merchant shops whilst others are specialist (specialist decking stores are very much the focus in going forward).


Traders wishing to have a store (and there are many reasons for doing so) on the site to sell their decking may do so, set up is free and therafter the monthly administration / marketing fee is £150 per month (no tie in period) – basically the admin fee covers everything, all the trader needs to do is process orders and enquiries. Its an excellent cost effective way to get your decking live to buy online.


As for shopers looking, they will be able to view and choose from numerous stores according to region and prodcuts type, all in all its a great site for buyers and sellers alike.


Foe more information on TimberShops please vistit TimberShops or call us on 07929 659 726.



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