True Octagon Composite Decking

True Octagon Composite decking

This beautiful West Sussex property has had a recent edition to its already fascinating Special Uniquely Designed family home, that edition being a True Octagon Trex Composite decking.

Detailed, tight and perfectly constructed, this immaculate decking terrace in Trex® Transcend composite decking.

Trex Composite Decking
Elite decking design and installation

Nearly Zero Energy Building

This property is an NeZEB ( Nearly Zero Energy Building ) and as such it is a requirement for certain standards of materials to be used. Trex® is manufacturer from 95% recycled materials and fitted the materials requirement with ease.

The clients had a composite deck in mind, they also had an exciting brief.  “The perfect shape, intricate design and exceptional detailing which complimented the style of the property”… So we switched our design up a notch and got creative, we wanted our vision to become a reality.

Trex Composite decking in West Sussex

You can use trex in any part of the garden and in any part of the country, Its just that’s where we are based and we love working with great products.

You can see from the photos the we love the colour combination of Island Mist and Gravel Path. Both of these boards are from the Trex Transcend range.

Elite Composite Designs Ltd

We would love to hear from you if you are based in the area. If you are interested in having us explore our passion and get creative to design a decking terrace. Contact us here 

Since becoming a Trex Pro company we have dozens of satisfied clients, see our official Trex® feedback here  

How to layout a hexagon decking terrace

The way we created this decking frame was with great patience and precision. Every millimetre mattered and every fixing had to be exact. This was constructed in the same way we create all of our decking frames in Sussex.

It is important to follow the Trex installation guide for every decking we do, we register your project for its 25 year warranty.

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Burgess hill Composite Decking
Trex decking in Burgess Hill
Trex Elite Decking installer
Composite decking with Trex to perfection

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