What is High End Decking?

What is High End decking?

High End decking is the correct use of appropriate timber materials, creatively designed and expertly constructed with the needs of the client the priority. It’s not about the most expensive materials but is about how the materials are used. High End is about managing the clients every expectation and providing a well-managed and risk free service that is backed up with years of trouble free maintenance and of course a beautiful product better than they have seen before.

Too much use of the word.

There are too many instances where the hyperbole exaggerates the quality of the work done, no real service, poor installation and simply because the contractor has spent slightly more than normal and with a brisk lick of oil can call their installation high end, “oh please”…

Mutton dressed as lamb with a few comments on a website certainly doesn’t even deserve a comment, never mind the “high end” statement. In most instances the best installations with the very best service will stand out for themselves, in most presentations the very best projects are obvious

The best of the best of the best.

Whilst any materials can be used, for the purposes of delivering “High End” one should consider the best treatment of the materials, from storage through to fixing and finishing. Fixing your deck, no matter what quality it is, should be only to the very best substructure. Use the best stainless steel fixings and create an exact millimeter perfect installation. When it’s finished don’t walk on it, hover, this is for the client – it’s their deck not yours.

Devil is in the detail.

The detail isn’t simply what it looks like; let’s face it I could get almost anything to look brilliant, it’s about the whole deal, every millimetre of it. Has every piece of timber been perfect gapped at 4mm, not 3 or 5, exact and with conviction? Perfection and nothing less, yes it takes 3 times the labour… it doesn’t matter, details takes time and without it you are miles away from the precision required. Every single screw pre-drilled to the same depth, make one mistake and you should remove that piece and start again, it will get noticed. Every square centimetre sanded to perfection, blended and smooth ready to take a liberal but balanced saturating in the best professional timber oil. Wipe on, wipe off – no, a saturation and correct application. The detail is everything and if you miss one single element no matter how small… like a Michelin star chef would say “start again that’s rubbish”.

Just good looking or long lasting.

Long lasting is paramount; your project is not the best unless it stands the test of time. Did you use wet pour fresh concrete to secure the posts or did a cheap bag of poorly mixed post fix do. Is there sufficient gap under your deck for air circulation and immediate water runoff, why not – no excuses, it has to be right. If your deck is not right in every way your client won’t be happy for long and their investment hasn’t been well managed and your efforts fallen short of delivering to their expectations.

Don’t forget the maintenance…

Don’t supply, fit and walkway – always offer a service that is unmatched and that guarantees to be at the every beck and call for your client. Provide a maintenance schedule with a 12 month contract, leave no stone unturned and allow for 4 visits per year. Calculate the amount of cleaning materials, consumables and oil, sufficient manpower for regular cleaning and copious amounts of the right oil. Be prepared to change the odd piece of timber too, don’t ask, just change it. Make your service trouble free and make your maintenance visit invisible, if the client doesn’t know you have been and the decking looks stunning… High End


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