Will Covid 19 change us Are you sustainable?

Will Covid-19 change us   Are you sustainable?

Prior to Covid-19 we had Brexit, the scaremongers were awash across all media platforms… In industry we had carbon footprint, the environment and sustainability.

What is for certain, millions have been furloughed and companies are changing their strategies, is it time to consider how your strategy may have to change? Do you think in the future cheapest will win? Maybe the best quality will… What about the most sustainable company?

Less pollution

Before this retched pandemic, the world was concerned with greener, environmentally sustainable and all with a much-decreased emphasis on composite materials from further afield. UK companies that use recycled materials from the UK as key ingredients in their decking products were doing well. We see this emphasis on less pollution as being an important factor when Specifiers are choosing decking products, this only stands to increase. Timber is also on the increase with modified timber being (in some cases) more certified than composite.

More sustainable

If the products are manufactured in the UK, use recycled materials and have an already proven low carbon footprint then this needs shouting about. Also, end users are often asking about these credentials which do prove to be invaluable. Manufacturing a composite material for decking can be a high-energy operation with materials coming from overseas, this isn’t sustainable unless one has certain credentials. Furthermore, BREEAM are the world leading standard in assessing product sustainability and many decking manufacturers are certified by them.

whats the most sustainable decking
sustainable decking is certified

What’s the most sustainable decking? 

Hardwoods are OUT and they’ve been out for a long time. Modified timbers are IN, firstly props to Kebony for their incredible decking, same too for Accoya and by no means least is Lignia. As well as Massive warranties of 30 to 50 years against rotting and super stability, virtually no maintenance and a beautiful grain. Eco-Friendly is the all too often used buzzword but with these products it’s a well proven fact. In particular, Accoya has been certified “Cradle to Cradle” reaching Gold certification. This certainly echoes the value of these ecologically viable products. Also, each certification level represents rigorous achievements across five critical performance categories: Material Health, Material Reutilisation, Renewable Energy and Carbon Management, Water Stewardship, and Social Fairness. Imagine a timber product that’s lived outside for 50 years and can then get recycled…

Greener materials

Some materials are much greener than others, but who decides. LEED is a world leading “Green” certification program. Further, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is vital to the certification of Environmentally responsible companies that manufacture materials for the construction industry. Will Covid 19 change us.  Are you sustainable? This is worth much more than a quick thought.

Considering your carbon footprint

As part of the materials certification, are you considering your companies Carbon Footprint. If you do you can shout about it… here’s a checklist to get you started.

a. Switch to renewable energy backed by REGO certificates

REGOs or Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin, assures that the origin of the energy supplied to you is 100% renewably sourced. Also, if you use renewable energy your emissions for electricity will be zero! 

b. Reduce your emissions from road travel, ‘Fleet Health check’ have you done one?

c. Increase the efficiency of your office lighting and air-conditioning

d. Promote “Reduce, reuse, recycle”

e. Minimise single use plastic Introduce a sustainable procurement policies

f. Print as minimally as possible Reduce printing and digitising (online contact signing)

Have you forgot about the pandemic yet? It won’t be here for long and will soon be a distant memory. Time to get back on the green wagon, reducing waste, striving for greener efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint… that’s a better world, certainly one we’d like to be talking about.

May your decks be big and may your decks be detailed…

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