Decking at the APL World Skills UK

Decking at the APL World Skills UK

Decking at World Skills is an important component to a detailed and complex structure that the Apprentices must create. This being part of a whole garden landscaping scheme. The design details are exact and so is the judging. It’s a global competition too, as long as your country is registered. You are an apprentice younger than 22 years of age, then you can enter (providing you meet the standards).


When we asked the College what’s the competition all about they said “The finalists have to build a fully landscaped garden to a set specification, incorporating water and lighting features, paving, decking, turf and numerous other elements, including designing a plan for the project, which they then have 16.5 hours to complete over three days. There is also a plant identification test

APL World Skills UK Finals

Myerscough horticultural college landscaping apprentice courses

This is certainly the best route to landscaping excellence. Learning from a college of horticulture, its standards are high and teachings complex. Backed up by industry regulations and standards, its amongst the best.

If you want a career in an industry where you must excel in all facets of garden building. It includes ground works, paving and decking construction, land sculpting, lawns, irrigation, horticulture.


How do you learn about landscaping?

The best way is to work and learn at the same time. Employed as a landscaper and attend a horticultural college such as Myerscough in Lancashire.

It’s a clever route. You work as a trainee landscaper and attend the college in week blocks. You also study whilst at work too, keep a journal and complete work-based assignments. Its all genuine and real… taught by some of the industry leaders and best in the business.


How does decking fit into World Skills

As part of the course syllabus, the college teaches the correct methods to construct a decking platform. This level of teaching is based in industry best practice and in accordance with EC5 (Euro Codes). This lends itself very well to the gardens designed for the students at World Skills. These gardens are designed exactly, they leave a little room for questions and demand the very best from the students. Decking is a complex area with many areas of testing. Working with composite materials, timber framing, many tools and following exact manufacturers guides is not easy. It’s a tough test… the winner is not by chance or fluke, its by exceptional learning, understanding and demonstration of these high standards.



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