How to Choose the right Hardwood Decking

How to Choose the right Hardwood Decking

Choosing hardwood decking, whats my choice?

Choosing the right decking or even getting the right advice may be a daunting task. This can be made very simple if you ask the right person the right questions. Yes, one can propose additional works to your contractor or builder; but this seldom proves the right choice… Who has designed it, who has calculated the imposed loads for its intended use – is it cantilevered, if so, how much… is it safe… ? Which hardwood timber is best? Cheap is normally an indicator of a quick job that will won’t last.

Karl Harrison has been published in the Pro Landscaper Magazine, an industry production for the Landscaping profession. The magazine showcases up to date projects and offers a useful insight to all the common issues found in this industry to include decking.

How to choose the right hardwood decking? There are far too many hardwood species to list and not very many are indeed suitable for inclusion as a decking material. Teak is at the top of the timber table being the best solution for the majority of timber applications. Ipe is a common favourite, although has become very expensive and not altogether sustainable. For a lighter golden timber I look to Iroko, quite often plays second fiddle when you can’t afford Teak but doesn’t last anywhere near as long. I run a mile from Balau and Massaranduba, both are unstable and require massive fixings to secure a tight job without the boards moving. (Best to avoid them)

The very latest fixing detail, yes another one … Magnet system by Exterpark. Blisteringly quick to install and is already amassing some key reference projects around the world. Take a closer look at Deck board fixings.

Examples of a high end hardwood decking installation

Good examples of hardwood decking installations should consider all attributes of the whole project. The design, the most important element of the whole process. Without design you won’t be uttering the words “high End”. The installation is a close second and a badly installed decking is no investment for anyone. Accuracy or setting out, this is vital to the aesthetic. Accurate spacings and concealed fixings are an important detail. The completion of the installation isn’t finished unless its oiled. Owatrol recommend that all hardwood decks are prepared prior to oiling. The oil needs to be in there wood and not on it… speak to them for the correct and only real deck oiling advice.

The Louvre in Dubai

Luxury Bamboo Decking by Exterpark Magnet

A simplified and luxury decking system, aluminium rails with a simple Magnet clip to the underside of the decking and quickly clips into place in seconds. Easy to remove too, simply use the tool and lift any decking boards you like with a just as fast method to re-install them.

There are a few videos of this system popping up and well worth a look at this one 

Which Hardwood Decking next to a pool

A question that is asked on many occasion. “Which hardwood decking would I use next to a pool”. We if you use stainless fixings and its been design correctly Most hardwoods are perfect for the job. Don’t worry about the chlorine as this acts as a decking cleaner… its like a perfect materials match for your pool. Its great to walk on too in bare feet, as long as its smooth decking of course.

Consider Teak for the high end projects and Ipe, Iroko and Cumaru are also sensible considerations.

Stay away from Kurupay, Massuranduba, Balau as these will move tremdousbly in the very wet/dry conditions…


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