Curved Composite Decking in Milton Keynes

Curved Composite Decking in Milton Keynes

“I love creating curved decking, especially when working with TREX® composite decking.” Said Jeff Hargreaves from Milton Keynes.

It turns out that Jeff has hit the ground running so far in 2021 as he has a full order book and business is looking solid. This level of business is not surprising, you only have to look at the quality of his workmanship to see that he clearly follows regulations and takes pride in every millimetre of his decking work.

Curved Composite Decking in Milton Keynes

Designer decking in Milton Keynes

The original plan started off as a standard square deck, as most decking designs do. Once the discussion had the word “CURVE” in it the client’s eyes opened and I knew we would win the job. We created two concept designs for the project, the client was happy to pay for the works too. It is normal to charge for design works as this does take many hours and includes the site survey.

Once the client had made their decision we could offer a full quotation based on the final design.

Curving TREX decking boards

Curving TREX decking boards is not an easy task. The tools and machinery are very expensive and it’s a slow process. The ovens are special to type and manufactured specifically for curving TREX boards. Taking gas and also electric heated elements to ensure the perfect spread of heat along the board length. Once the board has been correctly heated that are transported across the work shop to the jig. The jigs that we use nave been custom fabricated, we have most radii. Once these curved boards have cool they can then be taken to site.

Curved Composite Decking in Milton Keynes

Best TREX colour combinations

Tiki Torch and Spiced Rum… incredible colours in their own right but when you combine them… it’s incredible. Even more so when you combine these two colours, Tiki Torch for the border and Spiced Rum for the main deck. There are other spectacular colour combinations… too many to write about now but do tune to our next news update and see what we’re up to.

Decking design and installation

JJH construction ltd is a decking company based in Milton Keynes, TREX® pros as certified by TREX® and only install Trex composite decking. Jeff has been at the helm of this established company which has many years of solid decking building to come.

Give Jeff a call to see how he can take your decking to the next level. Straight, curved, multi-layered… All bespoke and designed to each and every projects requirement. A Trex® deck will give you a special outside space for entertaining family and friends whilst adding value to your property.

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