Hardwood Decking and Bespoke Balustrade for the Kew Bridge Public House

Installing hardwood oak decking

Decorum.London has been busy installing hardwood oak decking as part of  a terrace  project in Kew Bridge for a Joseph Gallagher. This new terrace forms part of a public viewing platform on the first floor the new pub. The new public house called “One over the Ait”, a multi layered pub, restaurant with multiple dining areas… all with beautiful views of the famous Kew bridge and the Thames.

The terrace presents as a balcony arrangement constructed of a concrete slab with FSC hardwood timber joists over pedestals. The hardwood has been profiled to take anti slip strips as per the specification; all fixings are 316 stainless steel into countersunk holes for a perfect finish.

Decorum.London have been designing decking and cladding for commercial project since 2003. They are endorsed by the APL, Millboard and Ecodek. They have also worked with Technowood cladding systems.

Oak balustrade, stairs and decking at Kew bridge
Oak balustrade, stairs and decking at Kew bridge

Oak Balustrade fixing

The balustrade is an arrangement of galvanised steel wrapped in air dried oak. There are various sections of oak manufactured by hand on site, the steel balcony had a wide tolerance and each bay was a different set of dimensions. These sections couldn’t be manufactured in a workshop due to the steels the oak had to match up to.

The screw fixings were sat in rebated holes which in turn were plugged, trimmed and sanded prior to finishing oil being applied.

oak balustrade and bespoke decking design Kew bridge
Oak balustrade and bespoke decking design Kew bridge

Soffit boards in Pine, Facias in Tricoya…

The soffits are in pine, a simple install, T&G with invisible pins for fixing. The fascia boards are a combination of Tricoya MDF and Marine ply. The architrave were manufactured in oak to match the balustrade arranglement.

The timber has been enhanced by OWATROL Products, PrepDeck, Net-Trol and D1 oil.

Main Contractor:     St George WL

Civil works:              Joseph Gallagher

Architect:                  Broadway Malyan
Metal Fabricator:     McNealy Brown
Supplier:                    Brooks Bros Ltd

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