Gower decking in Swansea with Trex

Trex is the ideal composite decking solution for a coastal decking project in Swansea. Paul from Gower Decking has designed a multi-level decking terrace with incredible views of the Welsh Coast

Designing in Wales with Trex®

The design for this project was from first principals. The decking had to share the landscaping on several layers and work seamlessly with the existing layers of the garden. Lava Rock is the main colour and one that sits in a large scale terrace like this one quite well. A Flavour of something lighter to enhance the step transition is designed with Tiki Torch, sometimes less is more…

The changes if  the two elevations have been designed to use Jacksons fencing. They have a treated fence material with a UC4 treatment, perfect for this application near the coast.

How to create the perfect Trex® structure

Awkward ground and uncertainty of ground support pushed the project towards ground screws. Galvanised screws at 1.5 metres in length driven into the ground made for a perfect support structure. The Ground screws supported the posts at 150mm x 150mm, treated appropriately for this location. The structurally graded (C24 and C4) treated beams and joists create the 1.5kN framework for the Trex decking

Paul from Gower Decking said “I only use C24 structurally graded timber for the beams and joists, it gives the maximum span when designing to EC5 for a domestic deck”

Platinum Trex Decking installer.

Being a platinum Trex decking means that Paul has designed and constructed more decks than other companies. Gower decking and Carpentry Ltd has 22 reviews on the Trex decking website. These reviews have to be as part of the documented process of a completed project. The Decking manufacturer contacts the client directly after the project is completed. This is part of the warranty registration. It is only then can someone leave a review. Gower decking in Swansea with Trex… Platinum Trex 🙂

Ground screws by       No More Digging Wales (Radix Ground Screws)

Trex Supplier               DG Heath Timber products

Fencing                        Jackson’s Fencing

Trex® Composite decking provides a warranty for their decking materials for between 25 years up to 50 years depending on which product you have had installed.

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Decin cyfansawdd yn Abertawe …

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