Hardwood Cladding by Exterpark

Hardwood cladding and decking manufacturer and supplier

Exterpark is manufacturing cladding and decking and has been since the early 1980’s. Revered as one of the best manufacturers of decking and cladding, they are world class suppliers.

They are often associated with high quality, teak and other similar timber materials. They are famous for their invisible stainless clip from the Exterpark Plus range. This is still available although it has been updated to the new Magnet Clip. A POM plastic clip, suitable in all weathers and simple to install. Aluminium rails and pre-grooved decking boards simply click together. You can also remove and replace any boards in a matter of minutes…

Exterpark Magnet hardwood cladding and decking
Exterpark magnet hardwood cladding and decking


Exterpark hardwood timber species

There is a group of timbers that are suitable for your cladding. Exterpark Teak and Iroko are favourites with Ipe a close second. Bamboo is now available and is much harder that almost all other timbers and super sustainable. Where possible, all timber are certified and conform to EUTR with certification of FSC, Certisource or INFONA.

The cladding in the image uses the patented Exterpark profile. This incorporates stainless steel clips and screws creating invisible fixings which add to the high level of quality.

There has been an increase hardwood cladding in the UK over the last few years. There is definite resurgence of hardwood cladding, this is because people like it. Certification has increased and so has the constant supply. If you want a desernable quality to your home, Exterpark will prove to be the Architects choice.

Hardwood Cladding installation

When you redesign your home, your Architect may want a professional to do the installation. These project often take longer to install that conventional softwoods but to last a lot longer. They also look much more contemporary and stylish.

Contact www.deckingbykarl.com for your designs and installation. They are based in Amersham, Buckinghamshire and cover the local area and the Home Counties in the UK

Hardwood Cladding by Exterpark


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