Ipe Hardwood Cladding Installation in Maidenhead

The Hardwood Cladding by Exterpark

Ipe hardwood cladding installation. Exterpark Ipe cladding is hard, durable and has a beautiful colour. Once fixed to the façade it will be there for up to 80 years and more, Ipe is one of the hardest and most durable timbers available. It is fitted with stainless clips which are invisible, coupled with stainless screws make for a cladding system that will outlive its owners.

The property that this magnificent material is fitted too is situated adjacent to a forest. A newly renovated living space with double height rooms allow for large panels of glazing to the rear. The panoramic views, unspoiled and spectacular, they’re distant and appear like nature intended.

Ipe Hardwood Cladding Installation

The hardwood decking terrace by Exterpark

A matching hardwood deck terrace, a balcony that leads from the main bedroom, tactile and usable. To sit and stare at the beautiful views or to relax and read a book… Furthermore, the use of the same hardwood timber as the cladding was to keep the scheme less complicated that changing the materials palette.

The terrace was a combination of pedestals, aluminium rails and a patented system of Exterpark magnet decking.

The installation of Exterpark Hardwood

It is an accurate installation with Exterpark hardwood. It’s made even better by the lack of screws normally seen in cladding and decking. Further, scribed in where needed in placed and a perfect corner detail allowing the timber to wrap around the building.

There wasn’t a need for very much sanding for this timber; the majority smooth from manufacturing. The patented profile is very much like an off-set tongue and groove, you see the joining lines but in the gap you can only see timber.

ipe hardwood cladding installation

The best oil for hardwood

Owatrol has been the choice for any given timber project, for Karl Harrison personally and also for his company. whilst there are many oil solutions on the market, Owatrol has proved the market leader for exterior timber applications.

Firstly, Prepdeck by Owatrol is the first phase, removing the mill glaze and any unsightly blemishes followed by Net-Trol. Secondly, another chemical by Owatrol is to neutralise and removes water staining. Finally, the timber oil was D1 clear, Deks Olje D1 is a good choice for looking after quality hardwood timber.

All hardwoods will season to a silver grey with the first few years, the higher the UV the quicker this will happen.

Do contact Karl if you have any hardwood timber cladding or decking projects that need a professionals attention.

Credits and Further information

Project             Forest House

Location          Maidenhead

Designer          Karl Harrison

Installation     Karl Harrison Landscapes Ltd

Budget            >24k

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3 thoughts on “Ipe Hardwood Cladding Installation in Maidenhead”

  1. I live in a terrace of townhouses that feature sections of Ipe cladding both in vertical and horizontal slat form. The vertically slatted houses have faired better in that the rich brown colour has largely survived (helped by generous roof overhangs) whereas the horizontal clad houses have gone silver in part over 12 years but very unevenly and look rather sad and washed out. I can never see the cladding being an even silvery grey. Can the cladding be treated or coated to restore the original rich brown colour and if so what products would you suggest. Is this some thing your company can do? I can send pictures.

    • Hi Robert, Thanks for the question. The Tannin is the main component with regard to the colour. Once the surface has been weathered in it will change to the silvery grey.
      We would recommend contacting Roger Oakley fromhttps://www.pressurewashingcleaning.co.uk/contact-us/

      He will certainly be able to restore your cladding to its form glory with Owatrol prep deck… Owatrol NetTrol and then oiling with one of the many quality oils such as Aquadecks or Textrol…

      Let us know how you get on…



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