How to Write a Decking Blog on the Decking Network

How to Write a Decking Blog on the Decking Network

Relevance in the Title

Ok so we are blogging about decking on a decking site, so in real terms we couldn’t ask for a better platform when considering relevance. Whilst there are millions of blogs out there in the ether, if you consider a few basic key words there some great tricks to get your blog read by your target audience. Decking in Cardiff, if this were the title then anyone searching on Google “where can I buy decking in Cardiff” then, that’s right you’re going to trike high in Google. The easiest title is decking or deck + specific (walkway or balcony or garden etc) + the area that you want to work in (Blackburn)

Reader’s time on page

The reader has a short attention span whilst trawling online. Within seconds the reader will decide if it’s what they want to engage with; so a catchy title and relevant first sentence is important. You have to consider a hook, something to keep them reading, a good three part strategy works quite well.

  1. Introduction, tell them what you are going to tell them.
  2. Content, information and content of the blog.
  3. Conclusion, tell this in short what you have just told them.


There are thousands of experts out there, I am here to disagree with any of them. The Decking Network belongs to a family of over 20,000 other networks worldwide and has incredible natural SEO. If you are blogging about decking from a decking site Google go nuts for this, especially one as active as this one! It is important to keep your title repeated in the text and try and cover synonyms of verbs in your text as well as mentioning the area that you are targeting.

How many Decking Posts and how often?

Good quality single posts with images and links will always do better than many very short blogs. Keep your blogs often, every week or two – keep your subjects distant and spread out the content. You don’t need everything you want to say on one blog and then wonder why is has little or no traffic.

What should I link too?

I would link to other similar decking websites or deck blogs, if you are blogging to get more traffic to your main site then this should be the main focus, linking to other similar blogs is also a good idea – as long as they are relevant.

Stay with the Topic

If you want to tell the reader something that is not relevant, by all means have a brief comment with a link to another blog with this information on it, otherwise don’t do this if you can avoid it. Keep on thread and keep it interesting. If you are unsure about how to Write a Decking Blog on the Decking Network all you have to do is ask… email us here [email protected]

Decking Network Blogging format

As a rule, keep your decking blogs down to no more than 500 words, about the length of this letter. If you write too much you could lose the thread or put them off – linking to other posts is a good idea if they are relevant and even more so if your blog is a short one.

Images are a brilliant tool, they provide definition to what the blog is about and also keep the reader interested. Two images on a blog is great, too many and it can get confusing.

Links, two or three do work well, by having too many and Google will think you are a link site and this of course is bad.

And finally, don’t forget your tags, vital for any blogs – only use words that appear in your decking blog.

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writing a blog on the decking network
Writing a blog on the Decking Network gets you more work


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