How to write a Decking Blog

How to write a Decking Blog

The Virus is just about over and the world’s mass panic is at an ebb. Those with a business in the decking industry will find themselves back at it again. Every ounce of marketing you do will form an essential building block to give your company the exposure it needs to survive in these tough times. How to write a Decking Blog, is a killer way to get your company name in the limelight.

How to create a killer blog title… The basics

It’s the Decking Network, the site as such has enormous power for natural SEO as it is seen as an authority for such. So, long as you have decking, cladding, a pergola, timber structure… if it’s a fence it better be something special… all of which are relevant.

Stay focused on the key point of the post, pay particular to the detail of the actual item you are pushing… You want to drive traffic to your website.

It is essential that you name your decking/material manufacturer and also location, these will form key anchor points the blog relies upon.

What to include in a decking Network Blog

Sub Headings

These are essential for Google, it breaks up the post and makes it easier to read. It also clearly defines what the context is for each section.

Make it interesting

The reader should already be interested in decking and the like otherwise they won’t be there in the first place. Try not to send them to sleep…

Ask the reader to contact you

Your company needs enquiries, it’s why you are doing this, so why not ask the reader to contact you…

Highlight difficulties and problems solved

Time to self-congratulate what you have achieved, “We had to get the materials to the 10th floor without a lift”, the cantilever was over 2.4 metres so we had to design a steel frame and get a structural Engineer involved” etc.

Say what you do, say where you do it

As the blog will focus on you, what you do and where you work, so best you make this clear. This will also make it easier for you to rank higher on Google.

Mention all materials suppliers

If you want guaranteed likes and shares, list the materials and who supplied them, add to this buy thanking them or saying how they helped keep the project on track by delivering on time. Your suppliers are struggling for images, copy and projects to promote, if you do this they’ll be sharing like lunatics… it’s free marketing which all goes back to benefit you.


300 DPI or high res, if your images have been taken with a potato, it will set the bar quite low and your prospective client won’t be impressed. Your project with smiling faces, some wine and glasses or a lovely dog will be a winner for sure.


Min 300 words, don’t have less, you can have up to 500 as long as it’s all relevant. Include 3 links max, these should point to relevant areas in your website, another blog or to your supplier.


You must not have more than 20 words in your text for each sentence. (150 in a paragraph)

Top Tips, Decking Network Blogs and maximum exposure.

If you struggle to write, create one headline and 4 short paragraphs, 100 words in each section starting with an introduction…

Keep your paragraphs fairly short and direct to the point

Important elements in Bold, the odd important word and not whole sentences

Have a quote or customer feedback…. These are both killer.

Gramma and Spelin, your dead in the water if people can’t read wot you writted.

And finally, if you really can’t be bothered and don’t want to miss out

If, ” How to write a Decking Blog is something that you need for your business and don’t have time; contact us directly and we can provide a package for you… We can provide a series of well written blogs on your behalf. Email me [email protected]

It’s not a magazine ad’, this works.

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