I hate decking. Do you really care? It’s just decking!

Why do you hate decking?

In the last 25 years the UK has seen a horror story of decking products and installations that may have frightened many off. Presently it is rather popular and with a spend of over £500 Million (deck board retail figures) it’s not going away. The look and feel of your decking from the client’s perspective needs to be at the forefront of the garden. It sets the style and atmosphere; decking can look rather beautiful.

If you can’t afford everything you want in your garden there has to be a scale of importance when considering a new deck. The most important advice must be…

  • Use a DeckPro to design and install your decking.
  • Choose the decking where you prefer the style, colour and quality.
  • Follow the manufacturers instruction.

Decking has come on leaps and bounds.

Gone are the days of composites failing, being slippery, fading, rotting. The technology for modern composites is quite incredible. The companies don’t need to boast about their 25 or even 50 year warranties, they are fact!

The textures, colours and quality has changed, some decking boards look like real timber even when they’re not. You should check out Trex, Millboard or Dekorators… There are others but these are the UK market leaders, probably the best too.

Trex No1 Brand of composite decking
Trex No1 Brand of composite decking
Millboard composite decking
Millboard lreplica wood decking
Dekorators mineral decking
Dekorators mineral decking

Timber that rots or modified timber that doesn’t.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a smooth pine deck, correctly constructed will do 25 years quite easily. Stay away from the grooved stuff, if far too slippery and a nightmare to maintain. The way forward for your deck board is smooth all the way.

Enough about pine and I’m not getting into a discussion about hardwood. Hardwood has seen its day, and many oppose it due to the cost and environmental credentials (or lack of). Let’s focus on the positives about “Modified timber decking”. The winners here are Accoya and Kebony, both being incredible decking solutions. Warranted between 25 and 50 years with little maintenance.

The dark brown walnut colour of Kebony or the creamy colour of Accoya, knot free and in long lengths is a site to behold. These products need no further treatment and weather to a silvery grey. Sustainable, friendly to the environment, can be recycled makes for a natural offering to the decking world. Do you still hate decking?

Accoya modified timber decking
Accoya modified timber decking
Kebony modified timber decking
Kebony modified timber decking

Cutting corners as best you can

These days cutting corners is no for a DeckPro, they are consummate in their ability to build structures to last decades. They are often recommended by manufacturers and as such have been on practical training courses. Some DeckPro’s find themselves on a LANTRA certified decking course at “TASK Training Academy” which means they can design and build to current regulations. Yes, regulations; believe it or not there are quite a few. From planning permissions to building regulations, EC5 and British Standards they have the knowledge. This make for a professional installation where cutting corners is not in their vocabulary.

The latest decking Technology

If you hate decking you really need to check this out, no rotting here. Aluminium joists and a super fast installation with GRAD Systems UK. Their decking even has the most comfortable profile to walk on… #Technology #Advanced

Grad system uk for the most computable decking to walk on
Grad system fast fit decking

I love decking

You should love decking because it’s a problem solver. In some instances is more cost effective compared to paving. I love decking because there is so many colours, textures and finishes to choose from. There is a deck board for everyone, every design and for every garden.


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