Karl Harrison Landscapes Decking Design

Karl Harrison Landscapes Decking Design

A basic introductory concept for a client in St Albans. They have an existing decking platform, dated and past its best. you can see this in the first sketch in the series.

It needs a redesign which fits the beautiful garden it sits in. Karl has offered a simple approach to this concept and by keeping within the clients brief of creating curves… do you think he’s nailed it?

Karl Harrison Landscapes Decking Design

Decking Design in Amersham

Karl Harrison has been designing decking platforms in the UK since 2003. He has design small garden schemes up to major commercial platforms.

From basic detail to complex studies using EC5 regulations he provides the complete design service.

Decking Structure in Design

There are many methods to create a decking frame for your platform, the most common being timber. 100 mm x 100 mm posts in Use Class treated timber, the most common dimension, with options up to 150 mm x 150mm.

Karl Harrison Landscapes Decking Design

Recycled plastic or HDPE as its known is a sensible option for your post supports as this will never rot. Steel PFC (Parallel Flange Channel, similar to an RSJ) is also sometimes a good option for more heavy duty applications.

The main structure is Treated timber and a close second is HDPE. Aluminium is rapidly becoming the third option with many manufacturers now offering this as a rot free solution.

Presenting your design to your client.

There are many options for presenting and these days some clients expect a massive production with more than a simple sketch. 3D walk throughs and animated rendered videos… Thats fine if you are commissioned for this level of work.

Karl Harrison Landscapes Decking Design

A simple out line sketch is a starting point and gets the message across well. If you do a structural design you should keep this as part of the warranty, if there is an issue years down the line you will be covered if your design is up to regulatory standard… If you are unsure what to expect  contact your local professional Landscaper from the APL (Association of Professional Landscapers). Karl Harrison Landscapes Decking experience is vast and Im sure he’d like to offer his services.

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