Material companions for decking

Material companions for decking

Decking is an important element in many gardens. It can be a stand-alone platform, a pontoon or a multi-level terrace surrounded by planting. The decking should work within the whole garden scheme. The material companions for a decking scheme may often be overlooked when in most cases would add tremendously to it.

Decking materials… the basics

There are many decking brands and whilst they have different decking colours and finishes they have complimenting components to match. These additional items are the usual trim pieces such as bullnose, corner trim, fascia boards and the like. There are other materials that can be considered as part of a wider design palette.

Complimenting your decking

The choice of other landscaping materials is vast and selecting complimenting materials can be vital to the success of the design.

Do you want to blend seamlessly? If you do, is it wise to consider a material change?

Would you prefer a contrasting colour? Should this be metal, shinny or dull. Should it be stained or oxidised, what would you choose?

What about paving? Should these materials be sandstone, Portland stone, marble or maybe clay pavers.

Millboard® decking with Vande Moortel clay pavers

Your decking terrace is a functional place to sit and relax, cook or entertain. You may need to transition to other parts of the garden so a path may be a consideration. Certainly quite important if you have a garden office or separate seating area. There is a huge selection of clay pavers to choose from. A smoked oak or brushed basalt colour could be enhanced with Ancienne Belgique Lava clay pavers. There is a great selection to choose from.

Top Tip

“a mowing strip around your decking will create a much neater finish and make it easier for garden maintenance”

For decking platforms abutting a lawn, it would be a clever idea to build in a mowing strip. This is a simple strip of pavers running along the side of the lawn which make mowing easier and makes for a cleaner finish.

Trex® decking and Global Stone paving

Some of the lighter grey coloured Trex® such as Island Mist or Gravel Path work really well with natural sand stone. Global Stone offer many colours and finishes; The textured finish in the “Artisan Serenity Allendale Grey” could be good choice.

Accoya® decking with zinc

A natural and real timber decking product needs something to work with the silvery grey patina. Accoya is one of the most sustainable timber for this option and will weather down to a timeless grey colour. Sheets of Zinc with a Tea wash applied to the surface is a great combo. Image shown is by Karl Harrison Landscapes Ltd

Self binding gravel

Perhaps the investment doesn’t quite stretch to a formal hardstanding in stone or pavers so you could consider self-binding gravel. Toasted sand by Trex® or Golden oak by Millboard® with self-binding gravel is a lovely pairing. The golden hew of the gravel against the oak looking colours of Millboard or Trex will look stunning.

Materials, stone or pavers

The combinations of materials are limitless to add to your new decking terrace. Most of these are available from your local Landscape materials supplier. Wait until you have your decking samples and take them to the showroom to compare to the other companion materials. Decking is one of the best choices for your new garden terrace…

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