More advantages of adding a bit decking to your lives!

Apart from the advantages listed in my first blog on whether to add decking to a design for an outdoor area, there are some fundamental issues of ‘levels’ which add weight to this.


Many people today want to extend the living area directly from their indoor spaces. The want the house to flow seemlessly from indoors to outdoors.


Due to the building regs, the outdoor surface should not be higher than the damp-proof membrane of the property as rising damp would be an issue.


By using decking with it’s suspended flooring and which is not ‘attached’ to the property per se  will not cause the problems many face by using the  hard paving for example which requires a solid base and thus avoiding the damp penetrating down.


Of course, not everyone will want to use decking and prefer paving but the consider the many technological advances there have been in this versatile product and order samples to see what is now available.


Why not visit the Surface Design Show to see more and get tips and advice from Exterior Decking and maybe a cup of earl grey tea from Karl.



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