Plastic Decking – which composite deck should I use?

There are many different plastic or composite decking products available in the UK. There are plenty of colours shapes, lengths, thicknesses and textures to choose from.  It is up to the end user which suits their needs best (I meant client…). Cost and aesthetics seem to be the driving factors, although longevity and performance should also be considered. The leader of the pack and in no particular order Millboard Composite Decking , replica timber moulded boards with a rubber surface and not a spec of timber in sight. Exterpark Magnet Composite a world leader in screw less fixing deck boards, removable in less than a few seconds and fully accessible. Ecodek is the main say in the UK for composite decking. Ecodek is carbon negative and so attracts with its end of use recyclability. Composite prime is is not last and certainly not least, a reversible board and which is great for design.

Fake Timber Composite Decking.

Millboard are one of the market leaders here, great colours and several patterned finishes; Enhanced Grain and Weathered Oak are their best sellers, they certainly look the part. The majority of domestic gardens, restaurants and public places use Enhanced Grain Millboard decking.

Exterpark Magnet with the efficiency of the installation. You can’t see the screws with this product. There are many finishes and styles to their boards.

Ecodek have several styles for there range of composite decking boards. Basic for your garden deck and also a mid range premium board. They also showcase a heavy duty commercial grade board too… (I won’t mention their new aluminium decking board)

Composite Prime, this is a heavily pronounced grain board. This is aesthetically pleasing and looks good. The reversible (dual colour) board is key to some design schemes

If a more rustic and aged look is required then there is no other deck that compares to Weathered Oak, available in 2 colours. This composite decking product by Millboard is best suited to cottage gardens, woodland walks and riverside projects. The rustic charm and real likeness is incredible.

All of the above manufacturers have a warranty for both domestic and commercial applications.

Contemporary Composite Decking.

Exterpark Tech is a wood plastic composite decking well suited for a slick and modern  decking project. The deck boards have a side fixing system that cannot be seen once installed making it a very unique and clever product. The colours are rather striking too, contemporary and bold – who else has white decking?

Plastic Decking - which composite
Plastic Decking – which composite

So for terraces, balconies, rooftops and projects that requires a slick and contemporary dynamic this should certainly be a consideration.

Smooth decking boards are “In”, grooved boards are a thing of the past….. They just don’t look that groovy.

Cheap Composite Decking.

The best composite decking products are most sold by reputable companies that provide warranties to back up the product. There is no such thing cheapest! You do get what you pay for, why pay twice or have a product that only has a short life span? 

Then again there is timber decking… If your investment would not consider a long life then cheap pine decking should suit you. This is only a short term solution and requires a lot of maintenance. 

Composite decking design for garden decking.

There are many officially trained professional installers, most of the composite manufacturers have there own lists trained companies.

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2 thoughts on “Plastic Decking – which composite deck should I use?”

  1. Whilst i applaud the sentiment this is a very narrow view. There appears to be no consideration to performance quality otherwise Ecodeck would be first and Millboard not mentioned (despite their strong response to their issues). It is not viable to say which is the best product but one would have to separate cost, performance, range, availability etc. .. like i said a bit too narrow.

    • Indeed, it was meant to stir debate and get the very many other manufacturers and suppliers involved. I also agree with your comments on performance. To create a table of performance there would have to be many variables and reports than span 10 years or so. This table would have to cover commercial as well as domestic and after much research a true winner would emerge… To win such would be worth a fortune to the winner…