Sheffield decking design and install

Sheffield decking design and install

The Decking Network had the privilage to meet Matthew Burgon from the company “DEX”. Otherwise known as the Sheffield company Designer Exteriors Ltd

What’s your name, where you from and what do you do?My name is Matthew and I am from Sheffield, South Yorkshire. I run a decking design and build company, Designer Exteriors. I create bespoke decking projects to help transform and utilise outdoor spaces for our client. We love designing and installing a range of Trex & Millboard decking products. As approved installers for both Trex & Millboard we have great feedback from both companies.

How long have you been installing decks?

The 1st deck I built was around 25 years ago, however I left that landscaping business for a career change. I setup Designer Exteriors three years ago and have been designing and building decking for clients ever since.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I love seeing what other Pro installer’s build and the different ways they use the products to create a bespoke decking area. I’m inspired by the array of colours and exploring different colour combinations and patterns to create an aesthetically pleasing look. Creating a unique deck in order to make the most our client’s outdoor spaces is what motivates me.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions the Decking Network?

A fantastic meeting place for like-mined decking professionals where ideas and best practice can be shared. It’s a great source of inspiration. Working in a collaborative industry is fantastic. It’s a great bunch of people. All the decking professionals I meet are wanting to learn about the best methods, materials and designs. This makes the Decking Network such a useful tool to me and many others. It’s the hub of where knowledge, ideas and experiences are shared.

TASK training Academy providing LANTRA certified decking courses… your thoughts?

Wow, what a course, regulations, calculations, planning and design discussion, it’s a packed 2 days. Having a course that’s available to companies who want to provide their clients with the correct methods is invaluable. Recently, I attended the decking course as a way of fine-tuning my build methods. It was a great opportunity to speak with others about their individual experiences. I was able to pick up tips & tricks as well as share some of my own. The regulations and codes are hugely important, and I use them on every build. This has impacted my building efficiency and enhance the high quality service I provide for my clients.

What’s your favourite site tool and why?

I have a few, some large and quite expensive, some smaller and not-so-expensive! The compound mitre saw and impact/drill drivers are the ones I can’t do without. Then there are the ones that make all the difference when it comes to finish, which is my Plunge/Track saw and rail. The difference these 2 make to the overall finish is amazing.

Sheffield decking design and install

My largest project to this date is a 62sqm multi level deck with duel colour picture frame and board pattern design feature. This was to replace a ‘well past its best’ timber deck. It’s a project we enjoyed doing and would love to build more larger decks, however, we can only build a deck to the size the client wishes or that the space allows. The smallest deck was 6sqmEvery deck that we design and build is given the same quality finish.

Pet hate about other people’s decking?

To be honest I’m not one to shout about a deck that doesn’t reach the design and build qualities that we produce. However, the number 1 issue I see regularly is with softwood decking that is installed ‘upside down!’ You may think ‘upside down, what do you mean?’ Well, smooth side up is best NOT grooved, with exceptions, of course.

Best material for structures?

Timber in general terms is the materials I most like to work with on structures/framing. There is also plastic and metal options but you can’t beat timber for its all-round ease of use, practicality and length of life. Not all timber is best for decking though, it is important to use the best available, using the best build methods along with the best fixings. The structure/frame of a deck is unseen in most cases but is the most important part of a deck. Without a correctly designed solid frame your top of the range decking just won’t last as long as intended.

Best decking for a top end project?

Trex has been my go-to top end decking, especially the Transcend range. This year Trex have introduced 2 new boards (available only to Trex Pro’s) named Lineage. It’s another step-up in quality and aesthetics from ‘the worlds #1 decking brand.’ We also offer Millboard decking as an alternative. The 2 brands are both different enough from each other, with very different USP’s, which is why I feel that being a Trex & Millboard installer gives our clients the absolute best available from the best market leading decking products.

Best economy decking?

Softwood decking is and always will be the best budget option. It has decreased in popularity over the last few years but there will always be a place for it in the market. It just takes some care and attention on a much more regular basis, compared the best composite decking out there. Sheffield decking design and install sees us installing all types of decking.

Decking materials or product that hasn’t been invented yet?

For me, the more realistic to timber the better. There are so many pleasing elements to natural timber. I think the innovation from Trex & Millboard will continue to develop over the coming years and new products will enter the market place. This will enhance the quality of composites by making them look even more realistic, whilst maintaining their USP’s of being so easy to look after and maintain.

To tape or not to tape?

Taping is my preference and is now standard practice for us on all decking builds. It is vitally important to protect the timber framing from water ingress, for this reason we apply Walter Strong deck tape to all upward facing timbers. The tape creates a barrier from water that would usually sit on the timbers and in-time be absorbed, hence reducing the life of the frame. The tape also ‘self-seals’ around the fixing as you screw the decking onto the frame. Finally, the look of taped joist in-between the decking boards looks great!!

To curve or not to curve?

It all depends on the client’s wish list and whether it is suitable for the over-all design of the outside space. There are many ways to individualise a deck, curving being one of them. Deck board patterns, different or dual colours, lighting scheme, under deck cladding, balustrades, multi height decks, these are just a few of the different options that we can offer into a decking design to make it unique and individual for our clients.

Why decking, why do you own/run a decking company.

I have always enjoyed woodwork & design (CDT as it was when I was at school) since my school days. For me the design and build part of running my business is my hobby and I get so much enjoyment from it, I feel so lucky to be running a business which also feels like my hobby. I do then have to get my business head on for the financials everyone and again!

Sheffield decking design and install is my passion, its where I live and what I love doing… if you would like to know more or have a chat to discuss your new decking then do email me.

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