Shou Sugi Ban A Never Ending Collection

Where do I find a large collection of charred timber cladding

Shou Sugi Ban A Never Ending Collection of custom manufactured charred cladding. Lathams Ltd and Brooks Bros Ltd are suppliers of charred timber products. They both cover the UK and Europe and have been supplying all forms of this modern material for years.

I find most projects typically want something different to the last so there is always a modification, additional process, different oil or colour. The thing is with Yakisugi is that being manufactured by hand and can be manipulated to suit the requirements of the designers wishes.

For interior or exterior use, there have been numerous projects for feature walls for private clients as well as many restaurants, Chottomatte, One Sixty, Selfridges… It is rich, its black and its so Japanese

The supplier or Contractor for charred timber

As the contractor may say… “It’s only a bit o’ burnt wood, whats hard about that” ok I dare you, burn your bit of wood and see what an entire mess you’ve made, everything covered in soot, stinking of smoke, H&S having a field day and best of all… it looks nothing like what has been specified… Charred timber is much more specialised than you think. The suppliers listed above are trained in all finishes and provide the best advice for your project. There are many finishes and each finish has its own specialist oil. Some are fire rated, this confirms to Euro Class B and suitable for projects up to 18 metres.

The profiles and dimensions of charred timber

There are standard dimensions such as, 42mm, 68mm and 144mm all at a nominal thickness of 21mm. There are many profiles to choose from so always best to contact your main supplier to see what is available. Do consider corner pieces, widow jambs, headers and cills which can be manufactured to match your project. Shou Sugi Ban A Never Ending Collection of many styles, sizes and shapes custom made for your project.

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