Support posts for Decking with No Digging and Rhino Frames, UK

Support posts for Decking with No Digging and Rhino Frames in London

The quickest way to install support posts for a decking platform is to not have them in the first place. The name “No Digging” is more than a term used for when you don’t need to dig a hole. It is a solution for supporting a decking platform without digging any holes for the support posts. No concrete, no expensive fixings either. No Digging is a formidable brand… straight to the point, pure and simple – the products are designed so you don’t have to dig any holes.

no digging rhino frames aluminium decking substructure

What is no digging?

No Digging is an innovative company that manufactures in ground screw foundations for platform construction. Furthermore, they’re the only company on the market that develops well thought applications to solve problems and save labour costs onsite, they supply their associated applications in the UK.

In-ground screw Installation

Installation of the ground screws are provided by our qualified and recommended installers across the UK. Further, the process is efficient and does not require the need for any digging, specialist impact drivers capable of getting these ground screws in place; on target and at the exact elevation required for the platform support structure.

No Digging said, “We provide an innovative, quick, easy and cost effective foundations for commercial and domestic platform projects.”

no digging rhina frames aluminium decking substructure

What are ground screws?

In Ground Screws are a replacement for standard decking columns or support posts. They have multiple applications where a hole would normally be dug, followed by the post inserted and then back filled with concrete. The NO Digging in ground screw replaces this in its entirety.

Once in the ground they can be used to support many applications – Decking, Fences, Garden Rooms, Traffic signs, Garages, conservatories and advertising boards. Also, Commercially, they have additional applications: park benches, bicycle parking racks, bins and playground equipment and more.

The Environment

They are Environmentally friendly, Reusable and made from 70% Recycled Galvanised Steel. No chemical maintenance.

Furthermore, No concrete used and reduced fixings mean Ground Screws are better for the environment. With lower carbon footprint, this has to be a good thing…

Aluminium structural framing for platforms by No Digging and Rhino Frames

Platform and decking projects need framing, this is commonly timber. No Digging and Rhino Frames has developed a simple light gauge steel frame to replace timber. This is a long-lasting solution which can be recycled at the end of its useful life. It will also outlast timber as it’s not going to rot… ever.

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