Trex composite decking installation Rickmansworth

Trex composite decking installation Rickmansworth

This is Karl Harrison Landscapes Ltd latest Trex composite decking installation in Rickmansworth. The clients first reached out to Karl to help create more areas in their garden to either relax or entertain friends. In this case, you have parents and young adults that would like to use the garden at the same time. Having different spaces so everyone can enjoy the garden separately is the main goal here.

The vast majority of this garden is grass on a fairly sloped bank. Karl designed a composite deck that would be carved into this lawn to create a level decking area. This is accompanied with a suitable planting plan to surround the new deck. In time the planting will bring vibrant colour to the space making this almost a garden of its own.

foggy wharf trex decking installation

Choosing the right composite decking

The clients wanted this new space to be low maintenance so Karl showed the them a range of composite decking options. They chose the Trex Foggy Wharf from the Enhance® naturals collection. The foggy wharf has a contemporary mix of grey tones and will make the plants around the outside really stand out with the contrast.

Karl Harrison Landscapes Ltd are TrexPro installers which means Trex have inspected at least 3 of the Trex decks they have built before letting them become a pro. This is their standard practice for all that aspire to be a TrexPro. It’s because of their premium products and professional installers they warranty their decking for 25-years. They even provide the pros with a Trex badge to put on every Trex deck they build. This tells anyone checking that their Trex deck has been built by a pro and carries the 25-year warranty.

trex decking badge

Credits and Further information

Location – Rickmansworth

Design and Installation – Karl Harrison Landscapes Ltd

Completed – 2021

Materials – Trex, Country Supplies

Client – Private

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