Joist Hanger fixing for decking structure

Joist connection for deck framing

Joist connection for deck framing The best advice for fixing joists as a decking frame is based on many years of what works and what doesn’t. The other advice is based on timber science and industry standard timber connection and what is and what isn’t acceptable. It is vital to the success of any decking … Read more

Floating planters by Karl Harrison

Iroko decking terrace by Karl Harrison

Iroko decking terrace by Karl Harrison Iroko FSC is a certified hardwood used for this central London Garden balcony scheme. The subtle contrast between the timber and the steel will soften over time as the timber weathers. The plants will grow, and this will become a beautiful balcony retreat over the next few years. Iroko … Read more

how to get a decking quotation

How do I get a decking quote

How do I get a decking quote Do you ask yourself “How do I get a decking quote”, “who do I ask”, “What’s involved”…? This is an introduction to explain some of the processes involved to help you streamline the early stages of your decking project. Decking builders in my area Decking projects are usually … Read more

Small composite millboard decking

Small Millboard deck in Ickenham

Small Millboard deck in Ickenham Not all decks are equal and certainly not the same size or shape. Every garden that needs a place to site and relax will benefit from a decking terrace. Millboard Composite decking is a great choice for most gardens. Choosing the right decking for the project contributed to the success … Read more

Trex Composite Decking

True Octagon Composite Decking

True Octagon Composite decking This beautiful West Sussex property has had a recent edition to its already fascinating Special Uniquely Designed family home, that edition being a True Octagon Trex Composite decking. Detailed, tight and perfectly constructed, this immaculate decking terrace in Trex® Transcend composite decking. Nearly Zero Energy Building This property is an NeZEB … Read more

Curved Decking at The Tower of London

Curved Decking at The Tower of London

Superbloom Decking in the moat “Building a deck terrace for Her Majesty has to be one of the most prestigious proposals ever”… said Karl Harrison. Karl Harrison has designed and built some of the most expensive, complex and luxury decks there are… but nothing prepared him for this one. The Savoy, The Corinthia and countless … Read more

Brushed Accoya Decking with Zinc Panels

Brushed Accoya Decking with Zinc Panels

Brushed Accoya Decking with Zinc Panels Heavily brushed Accoya suspended over acid-etched zinc galvanised steel forms the decking structure at one end of the house.  In order to emphasise the detail within the timber, Karl chose wide deck boards secured with hidden fittings.  Over time this timber will weather to a silvery grey. This will … Read more

Reclaimed Scaffold Board Decking

Reclaimed Scaffold Board Decking Treated with SIOO:X

The ultimate outdoor cooking experience  This project began when the clients decided they wanted to make their back garden into an African-themed outdoor dining zone for all-year-round entertaining. They fell in love with Cashmere Caveman Wild Kitchen BBQ Tent and needed a suitable deck for their new outdoor kitchen to sit on. Reclaimed Scaffold Board … Read more

Balustrade image by TREX®

Do I need decking balustrade ?

Do I need decking balustrade? Building Regulations say when a balustrade has to be fitted to your decking. It’s there for your safety as it prevents you from falling off when the decking platform is too high. Balustrades can also form handrails when walking up and down stepped elements of the deck or garden. When … Read more

Hot Tub Decking in London

London Penthouse Decking Terrace

London Penthouse Decking Terrace This London rooftop sits like the crown jewels aloft the Corinthia apartments penthouse. A magnificent property with an exterior that befits its ambassadorial interior. The views allow almost all the landmark views London has to offer. In the region of 100 tonnes of podium landscape materials were curated and professionally landscaped … Read more