Millboard designer decking in Colchester

Millboard designer decking in Colchester

Paul from Holland Landscapes, expert decking installer, said “Composite is the perfect choice for this Millboard designer decking in Colchester”

The Colchester clients wanted an Ibiza themed garden, social seating and planting. They love being outside and wanted to make the most of their enclosed space. The Pratic pergola gave our clients further use of their garden in colder months, whilst providing shade in the summer. Our client is a yoga instructor so requested an area for peace which was separate to the main garden. This was created by installing screens to separate the garden into different areas. Mediterranean style planting was used to suit the hot conditions this garden has softened the rectilinear edges of the solid forms.

Feature composite decking

Decking in your garden is not what it was in the mid-eighties, back then it was awful. some thirty plus years later and landscapers are blessed with some incredible materials. Millboard composite decking is the Rolls Royce of composite decking products. It is specified by designers and expertly installed by “Pro Installers”. These are the landscapers that have been carefully chosen as the best installers, they have been trained in-house too.

Professional landscaping

Issues – Parking was an absolute nightmare. House was on a busy junction with no parking allowed at any time. We managed to park on a grass verge on the other side of the road and had to unload on double yellow lines. There was no storage on site for materials except for within the back garden. This meant deliveries were limited and most materials had to be taken in by our trucks or craned over the boundary wall. The ground was very poor so the ground needed good cultivation, new soil and 4 cubic metres of green soil improver to help the plants flourish.

The clients were extremely happy with their garden and how we handled the build. They were also pleased with our level of customer service before, during and after the project.

The Landscaping materials

Millboard decking                                       Collier & Catchpole in Colchester

Bioclimatic pergola                                     Pratik

Porcelain paving                                          Eva

Planters and water feature                         Urbis

Fencing                                                          Jackson Fencing

Bespoke planters and screens                   Lower Farm Barn

Betula Utilis Jaquemontii                         Original Landscape Design

Olive trees                                                     Classiflora

Plants                                                             Premier Plants Ongar

Lighting, irrigation and pump                  LandscapePlus

Landscaping quantities

117 square metres of hard landscaping, beautifully and professionally landscaped by Paul Holland. The garden layout was designed By Rob Grimstead based out of Lower Farm Barn, the planting was designed by Holland Landscapes.

The investment for this garden was in excess of £100k, this excludes the pergola, planters, pots, and screens and was built in 2019 when everything was so much cheaper!

Paul Baker

Decking Network       “So Paul, why landscaping, why work in the awful weather, what drives you forward.”

Holds chin, ponders, “Well, it’s in the DNA to be honest, I love creating gardens. it’s not just the paving or decking, Its everything. It’s the detail, the correct application of current technology, building regulations and everything proper that brings the garden together”.

Decking Network       “Would you just build a deck or a patio without the rest of the garden attributes”.

Of course, it’s what we do. As a Pro Millboard installer, I design and professional build decks… I’ve always got my samples in the van”

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