Composite decking replacement in London

Composite decking replacement in London

This isn’t the first time Karl has been called in to look at a composite deck gone wrong – unfortunately, it probably isn’t the last either. You can see from the before pictures that this deck was in poor condition. This was installed two and a half years ago, and this is what it looked like before replacing.

Composite decking replacement in London

The majority of the composite deck has gone black and green making it slippery. It’s clearly moved all over the place so nothing lines up. These boards were also holding a lot of water inside. You can tell the boards are full of water by the stench of egg that welcomes you when you step anywhere near it. Not ideal for a supposed to be relaxing place in the summer.

Karl said, “It was surprising to find the decking hadn’t all but started to fall apart at this point. It’s sad to see what should be a beautiful project executed so poorly”.

Composite decking replacement in London

The deck that had been installed previously held no warranty so the clients would have to pay for a replacement themselves. Karl quoted the clients for the removal and replacement with a suitable and warrantied replacement composite deck. They decided the Millboard Enhanced Grain Limed Oak was going to be the perfect replacement.

Approved Millboard Installer

Karl is an approved Millboard installer so Millboard will warranty this new deck for 25 years. This definitely helped to reassure the clients with their decision. Within the space of a week, Karl and his team were able to remove the existing composite decking and fit the new Millboard decking. While doing this Karl also allowed for adding some lights into the decking. These weren’t in the old deck but certainly added a nice detail to the new one.

millboard Composite decking replacement in London

Credits and Further Information

Design and installation – Karl Harrison Landscapes Ltd

Materials – Country Supplies

Client – Private

Completed – 2021

Location – London

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  1. Composite decking replacement in London is a significant project, thanks for sharing. What considerations or challenges do you think are important for homeowners in London to keep in mind when opting for composite decking replacement?

    • Great Question. Its about the travel time and charges for entering the city. These are Congestion charges and U-Lez charges plus parking, all in all can amount to £100 per day plus running your vehicle. There is very little room for deliveries, virtually no parking and most gardens are small which makes every job twice as long to build as you have to continually move your materials to make space to work. Of course this adds up to a huge bill when compared to the rest of the UK for the same volume of work… sometimes more than double