Decking in Yasu Shiga (野洲市)  the ultimate in relaxing spaces

Decking in Yasu Shiga (野洲市)  

Zenjiro Hashimoto a Landscape Artisan, thinks likes the gods and designs gardens to make you feel you are in heaven.

His focus flows past the normal and rests with what seems like perfection. The way he cuts his timber, the chisel on the stone and the planting that all conveys the same language. I think that only many years of his study would I be able to understand how these gardens are created…

Decking in Yasu Shiga

Building decking over water

I came across this project in Yasu Shiga designed and built by Zenjiro. It would be remiss to not address the elegance and realism this garden. Materials indigenous to Japan and the construction by local craftsmen; the traditions and tooling are steeped in the thousand-year history of landscaping gardens in Japan.

This garden has been well thought, I wonder if the process was as calm as the design. Using natural materials like hinoki cypress (Chamaecyparis obtuse) or Japanese Cedar if you’re in the West. You’ll see this local timber often used for decking, that the deck and the substructure. The sound of the water moving, the smells of plants and timber. It’s these sensory experiences that have been deeply considered; that’s what gives you the ultimate naturally relaxing space.

A Wabi-Sabi (わびさび) garden in the making

The decking platform is constructed over a pond with a surround of natural rocks. Over time and with nature, moss and other plants will grow where they wouldn’t normally (they’ve already started). This is biophilic in every sense, mother nature do what it wants to it. Wabi-Sabi is at the epicentre of raw nature that brings heart rate lowering relaxation. This decking in Yasu Shiga is certainly a place i’d like to visit.

It is scientifically proven that surrounding yourself with natural materials will do such things as lowering heart rate, stress levels and more. Ask Oliver Heath, he specialises in Biophilic design in the UK.

Zenjiro Hashimoto said “Each family has their own memory or a story of their garden”.

You can see more of Zenjiro’s inspiring work over here –


Table & Lamp on deck

Uwumanrou Restaurant                      Yasu Shiga, Japan 2018
Photo                                                        LANDSCAPE NIWATAN

Decking in Yasu Shiga






この庭はよく考えられていて、デザインと同じくらい落ち着いていたのかな。ヒノキ(Chamaecyparis obtuse)などの天然素材を使用し、西洋ではスギとして知られています。この地元の木材は、デッキとその下部構造に使用されます。水の音、植物や木材の匂い。深く考えられてきたのはこれらの感覚的体験であり、それが究極の自然にリラックスできる空間を提供するものです。


デッキプラットフォームは、自然の岩に囲まれた池の上に構築されています。時間の経過とともに、自然とともに、コケや他の植物は通常ではない場所で成長します(すでに始まっています)。これはあらゆる意味で生物親和性であり、母なる自然は望んでいることを行いますわびさび は、心拍数を低下させるリラクゼーションをもたらす生の自然の震源地にあります。




Table & Lamp on deck

Uwumanrou Restaurant                      Yasu Shiga, Japan 2018
Photo                                                        LANDSCAPE NIWATAN


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