Millboard Composite Decking cheapest place to buy is here.

Millboard Composite Decking cheapest place to buy is here

Millboard Composite Decking as seen on Channel 4 Grand Designs, Channel 5’s Garden ER and Love your Home and Love your garden plus many other TV shows. It is a premium moulded decking board, made by hand and has a sound warranty for 25 years.

Where do I buy the cheapest Millboard Decking?

The best place to buy the cheapest Millboard composite decking is from your local “Millboard decking supplier” If you are in Buckinghamshire and surrounding counties then Country Supplies has to be one of the better places, usually in stock and great service too.

They, like all reputable suppliers provide all of the technical information, samples and can advise on professional construction for domestic and commercial installations.

Is Millboard composite decking a DIY product?

It’s best to leave this one up to the professionals, there are codes of practice for decking installation, planning considerations and also EC5 regulations for the structure. That’s if you want to take on the challenge of course, no problem if you do.

Once you have the frame built in such a way you are sure you have a joist at the end of every board end and of course ever cut… it’s actually one of the best boards to install. There no countersinking or clever marking out where the screws go as they simply disappear into the surface of the board.

If you want a Millboard Approved Installer then find your way to their website and you can type in your postcode and see your local companies that have the right credentials for your project.

But I can get it cheaper, no you can’t!

Most unskilled jobbers or contractors with no experience on what’s actually involved in a professional Millboard decking installation will always claim to do the job cheaper… Yeah right. Don’t let them fool you… how many times have I heard “well, then he said he hadn’t allowed for that and it would be an extra charge”.

“Get your quotes, show us and we’ll beat them…” is a quote from builder or odd jobber, certainly not from a professionally trained and endorsed installer of Millboard products.

 Granted there may be suppliers that can beat-up someone else’s quote but it won’t be by much, maybe £1 per board if you are lucky. I opt for service and support any day of the week.

What choice do I have for my Millboard installation

Weathered Oak, Enhanced Grain, LastaGrip, Tactile boards too, plus all of the finishing pieces, Bullnose, Step Edge, Fascia boards and now you have a choice of substructure.

Most projects are with 150×47 C24 Use class III joists in Timber. Now you can have Plas-Pro which is plastic and also Aluminium called DuoSpan.

Timber would be for the professional and also the home builder or DIYer. The Plas-Pro and DuoSpan are really for the Professional and require specialist training and tools.

How do I Design A millboard substructure?

To ensure you are warranted you should seek the assistance of a Pro Millboard Installer, its part of their service. If you are installing yourself then you should follow the installation guide by Millboard. This is on their website and has to be followed if you want to register the product for the warranty.

If you are unsure of how to design the substructure you can contact a decking designer. This person, when commissioned by you will provide you a design. This decking design will be easy to read and show you what fixings go where. It should also include, the post, beam and joist layout as well as a cutting sheet for the decking. It may cost a little but you’d certainly save in the long run. You will have the right number of posts, fixings and of course not over purchase on the decking…

Contact [email protected] for further info

So is Millboard really that cheap

I guess it all depends on what your expectations are. Professionally trained companies that are endorsed by Millboard to install their decking cost what they cost. A professional company that has to have training, first aid, Health and Safety Policy, employ staff, insurance… expensive tools and a van… So to answer the question about if decking is a cheap product, well I guess anything can be cheap… my car does ok but it’s no Ferrari.

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