Outdoor BBQ Garden Room

This garden in Amersham was an awkward space and needed a clever design to solve overcome several problems. This garden needed an outdoor BBQ garden room.

Client’s Garden design brief

“No plants please – we have dogs. We would like to BBQ all year round, a party space, and a lounge… but no plants. Maybe some lighting and essentially places to sit and can you make the space as big as possible please”. Do you need an outdoor BBQ garden room?


The garden already had a small porcelain terrace to work around. There was a budget to stick to so material choices needed some good consideration. Karl intended to remove the side fence to help maximize on available space. This area continues to wrap around the side of the property. Why don’t we make this a courtyard?…

Bespoke Outdoor BBQ Room

With the side fence gone there was now plenty of space to create a covered BBQ Bar room. Karl chose to construct this entirely out of treated pine. Of course, for an all-year any time BBQ there are appropriate lights fitted to the soffits. Putting the BBQ room here made the rest of the garden seem bigger and aided with the transition to the side garden courtyard area.

Professional Trex Decking Installation

The decked-out BBQ room isn’t the only deck in this garden. In addition, Karl designed and built an open terrace using Trex® Clamshell. He chose this colour because it worked with the colours of the house and the porcelain patio. This is a space away from the cooking and perfect for entertaining.

This garden took 2 weeks for 6 professional landscapers and in time for Christmas. The weather was cold, the deadline was a tight one and at 15:00 on Christmas eve the project was complete.

Raised planters

Karl needed to find a way to get plants into the garden. This would be an integral part of making this space look and feel like a garden. Initially using contemporary raised planters they looked amazing but didn’t quite offer enough protection from the dogs. From here Karl designed and added to the planters Chiswick iron railings. This worked perfectly!


Thank you to Country Supplies for the majority of materials and super-efficient deliveries, lovely stone from CED, and the ironwork from a local chap who wishes to remain anonymous.

The small print

A foot note to mention the synthetic lawn, Sustainability is one of core values and as a company we do not install fake grass. When a client insists then we request the client use the services of another company. The fence count be touched either…

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